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Editorial Feedback
East Africa in Focus welcomes  news reports on community-based affairs, entertainment, commentary, reviews, fictions and non-fictional features and lifestyle to explore the cultural diversity that is the EAC.

We also welcome your comments, and we offer several ways to contact us. The main newsroom phone number is + 1 573 489 4514. E-mail your story or tips to editor@eafricainfocus.com

Our readers and contributors in Kenya may call Marvin Sissey at +254 722 386 534 or Msissey@eafricainfocus.com

Our readers and contributors in Uganda may contact Joshua Masinde at +256 773 030 626 or Jmasinde@eafricainfocus.com.

Please e-mail letters to the editor and corrections to editor@eafricainfocus.com.

 For public relations and marketing, please contact  Leonnard Ojwang at  +1 979 587 9466 or Lojwang@eafricainfocus.com.
For audio and video productions, please contact editor@eafricainfocus.com
For questions or comments about the Web site, or to report a broken link, e-mail the web master at admin@eafricainfocus.com.

Article and Photo Reprints
For article and photo reprints call +1 573 489 4514, or e-mail Editor@eafricainfocus.com

The newsroom address and phone number:

East Africa in Focus
1504 Bodie Drive
Columbia, MO 65202 USA

                                                Phone:  + 1 573 489 4514
                                                Fax: + 1 866 443 2454

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