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Yogi Patano had a perpetual misunderstanding with his wife. This always translated into bitter exchange of words and flurry of adrenaline- charged activities. They could break furniture, electronics, deface each other’s cars, or make dents on their house walls during their fits of rage.

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Poor state of mental healthcare

A shortage of mental health specialists and facilities, ignorance and stigma, are among the challenges facing the provision of quality psycho-social care in Kenya, say specialists.

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Rape cases soar in Galkayo camps

Deteriorating security, a culture of impunity and an increase in attacks on internally displaced people (IDPs) in the central Somali town of Galkayo, Mudug region, have resulted in a sharp increase in rape cases

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A refugee’s story

Having lived in a refugee camp in northeastern Kenya since he was 10 years old, Moulid Iftin Hujale, now 24, has struggled with his identity for most of his life.

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Consumers, traders feel the burn as prices skyrocket

Low- and middle-income earners across eastern and central Africa are reeling from the mounting cost of living brought on by a sharp increase in commodity prices in the past few months.

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Hungry for learning in Dadaab camps

In one of the largest and oldest refugee settlements in the world, education is a luxury denied most of the 90,739 children who live there.

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From a life of fear to a life in limbo

Fleeing Somalia may mean an end to dodging bullets and living in fear, but for many Somalis who manage to cross the border into Kenya, it is also the start of a long and difficult journey as a refugee.

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Grace*, “I finally found the courage to ask, ‘Are you gay’?”’

Grace is an attractive brunette working in Nairobi. Until recently, she was dating Will, a stylish 20-something Kenyan.

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HIV-positive kids get by with a little help from their friends

When Yona, 12, went to live with his grandmother after his parents died several years ago, she told the neighbours he was HIV-positive, hoping he would get some sympathy. Instead, the boy found himself ridiculed and alienated from his playmates.

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All the neighbours of Sudan are watching. Africa is watching. The whole world is watching. However, the Southerners strongly believe it is more to do with them and not the world.

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For the youth, for the little ones

A man who humbly calls himself “a boy from the village” runs a school for orphans that doesn’t just feed the children with knowledge, but also sustains their bodies with fuel, something most Ugandan schools don’t provide for their students.

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Holistic approaches key to ending FGM/C

Northeastern Kenya is dominated by ethnic Somalis, who practice infibulation – the removal of the external genitalia before sealing and leaving a small opening for menstrual blood and urine – almost universally. This method makes sex and childbirth particularly difficult.

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