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Lawrence Chiteri

Published on January 27, 2013 No Comment

The culture of Kenyans being subjected by leaders, to sessions of selection in the name of elections should come to an end. Looking at the recently concluded nominations fiasco, it is hard to claim that our politics has undergone any transformation or even reforms.

Published on April 20, 2011 No Comment

William Ruto is better off shaping his career as a money launderer and fraudster than a country’s executive. He is neck dip in dirt. How he shakes that off will be refreshing to watch. If anything Ruto has amassed enough wealth to buy the current legal setup as it is.

Published on April 8, 2011 No Comment

This week opens a new chapter in Kenya. The reality of The Hague will sting, stink and pinch. It is probable that in private lawyers of the Ocampo six have told their clients that this is not an easy position to find oneself; otherwise they may not absorb the repercussions.

Published on March 29, 2011 No Comment

As a nation we had better cease to lend significance to cables leaking opinions, aspersions and assumptions emanating from cowardly and altruist sources. Of course from knowing ourselves, it has been easy to discern some likeness between the leaks and the persons attributed to them.

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Published on March 11, 2011 One Comment

The saying that “when you see a frog in the day, know that something is after its life,” is very much relevant to the president of the republic of Kenya and his shuttle lunacy.

Published on March 6, 2011 No Comment

Gideon Mbuvi aka Sonko is on record for having said that his inappropriate dress code for parliament was because “I represent the youth”. As far as anyone can remember, of the 210 constituencies in Kenya, none answers to the tag of “youth constituency.”

Published on February 14, 2011 No Comment

This man Mwai Kibaki! Sometimes it is unbearable to make an exclamation in the direction above. It was shocking last week that the Environment Minister and Kangema MP, honourable John Michuki could in broad daylight tell the world that he had known Kibaki since childhood to be an honest man.

Published on February 9, 2011 No Comment

There is an ongoing chorus couched as rhetoric, or even narrative that William Ruto is defending the interests of “the community.” Then while at it he also plays the pretender to the presidency come 2012, which every Kenyan is quite within their pedigree to dream and aspire to.

Published on January 18, 2011 No Comment

In times of heightened political activities, Raila Odinga strides Kenya like a colossus. He has successfully exemplified astounding physical and mental strength. This individual has been propelled by the desire to plant in the people a warning that things are not yet so good and that Kenya is not out of the woods yet.

Published on January 11, 2011 No Comment
Will Abyei be the next “Kashmir?”

The Sudanese have carried on the referendum without giving the Dinka Ngok of Abyei the chance to self-determination. In so doing, the North has opened Abyei to power grabs and a likely conflict that could run without end.

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Published on December 19, 2010 No Comment
Justice has no bounds

Today those who claimed they would rather go to The Hague than buy vagueness are in characteristic shamelessness, the loudest at wanting Kenya to pull out of ICC. The earlier notion that ICC cases last eternity was the hope in those who knew they were suspects.

Published on December 14, 2010 No Comment

There are issues in Kenya, poignant, compelling, and thorny even dastardly but gay discussion is none of them. As a country we have serious other issues to discuss and settle and God forbid that we are diverting attention to non issues.

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