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Continuous monitoring of the various functions in any operation improves harmony, which is key to higher efficiency. To achieve high-level synergy, internal audit acting under the auspices of quality assurance ought to play the bridge between different departments in organizations.

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Oil transport is Kenya’s best bet

The birth of a new Sudan will be the beacon with which the era of economic resurrection will be realized in East Africa. With Kenya’s strategic positioning spanning decades, there is every indication that a kind of “reward” awaits both politically and economically.

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Published on September 14, 2010 No Comment
From Kenya, with love

From the road, the small farm resembles its neighbors, at least at first glance: a weathered red barn, a well-kept yard, a few hard-working vehicles parked in the gravel driveway.

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No one comes short in their allotted territory, because each man has his own gift from God; one has this gift, another has that. Everyone has enough resources to do the job because He has elected to make each a co-laborer with God.

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Jesus Christ played out His preliminaries on earth, defeated the enemy in the knock-out stage in hell and rose again in the finals, to make a public spectacle of how He triumphed, and disarmed all principalities and powers.

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Jesus Christ took our penalty kick at the cross and scored. When we were slain by our own shortcomings, having no way to turn around the game that was going against us, God made us alive with Christ.

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This week marked the start of the second half of 2010 A.D. The year of great expectation came, and is now halfway.

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It is amazing how the hopes of a soccer nation can depend entirely on how 12 people decide to kick a ball – 11 players and their coach. Is it fair to thrust the hopes and aspirations of millions of people on 12 shoulders?

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Remember David himself was not on the starting line-up when Jesse presented his boys to the prophet to be anointed. He was not even on the bench outside when Samuel asked Jesse: Are these all the sons you have?

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In Revelation 19:9, God released invitation tickets to the greatest event in the history of creation, with the words “Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!”

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When God was briefing Moses on how he was to deal with Pharaoh, He told him that; “up to now they had only known me by the name God Almighty [El-Shaddai], but by my name the Lord,Yahweh, the redemptive name of God, I did not make myself known [in acts and great miracles].

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This day, nearly 2000 years ago, the disciples looked up to the skies for so long after the Lord had ascended; that God the father was compelled to send two angels to tell them that Jesus is gone.

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