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logo_webWelcome to East Africa in Focus

East Africa in Focus or  EAiF,  has a sole mandate to create a media forum that ordinary wananchi (citizens) can access, and utilize to be heard.

We believe that media is the tool to emancipate East Africans from the strangleholds of poverty, bad governance, and other socio-economical misfortunes that bedevil Africa.

EAiF  publishes more than 20 stories from citizen journalists each week, all geared towards civil consciousness, and increased social awareness. We update content throughout the week.

We report on the entire East African region and feature articles on all issues, including community-based affairs, entertainment, commentary, reviews, fictions and non-fictional features, and lifestyle.

We appeal to you to sponsor us so that we can continue to prick the conscience of our society to act in concert for these worthy causes.

 For more details, please contact  us at editor @eafricainfocus.com or +1 573 489 4514 (USA),  +447 957 982 810 (United Kingdom), +256 773 030 626 (Uganda) and +254 722 386 534 (Kenya).

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